Sexual Offences

Facing a charge involving a sexual allegation is a stressful and distressing experience.  At Highgate Solicitors, we have decades of experience in robustly defending all manner of sexual offences.  We offer a non judgmental, professional and highly effective approach to the defence of sexual offences.  We have huge experience in defending clients facing all types of sexual offences including, rape, historical sex offences, sexual grooming, indecent images, etc.  We offer a ‘no stone left unturned’ approach to defending our clients.  We can offer Legal Aid for those eligible, and for those wishing to pay privately we offer competitive and sensible fixed fees to ensure that finances are not a hindrance to defending your position.

Need A Consultation?

If you have been approached by the Police regarding any kind of sexual offence it is ESSENTIAL that you seek professional legal advice IMMEDIATELY.  We strongly advise clients to ALWAYS have a solicitor present when interviewed regarding such matters.  CALL US IMMEDIATELY if you are approached by the Police.