Drug Offences


Offences involving drugs form a large part of our criminal caseload.  We have over 60 years of combined experience in representing clients who face charges ranging from simple possession of drugs, through to cases involving the large scale importation and international conspiracies to supply drugs.

Whatever drug related offence you face it is essential that you seek the correct professional advice.  This can make the difference between being convicted of an offence and walking free……quality representation can and does make a world of difference.  At Highgate Solicitors we are serious about proactively defending our clients.  We offer a ‘no stone left un-turned’ approach to your case and ensure that your case has the benefit of expert analysis by one of our experienced lawyers.  Serious drug cases often feature the extensive use of mobile telephone downloads and cell site analysis.  Many solicitors simply accept these at face value and offer no resistance to the prosecution case.  At Highgate Solicitors we pride ourselves in proactively and forensically examining evidence and our results speak for themselves.  There have been countless multi-defendant cases where our clients have got distinctly better results by engaging our services over those of other firms of solicitors.

Possession of drugs

For many people, a conviction for the simple possession of drugs can lead to huge embarrassment, loss of job and even family breakdown.  We are adept at putting the prosecution to ‘strict proof’ regarding all aspects of your case.  This means we don’t simply accept the prosecution case, we require the prosecution to PROVE each and every aspect of their case.  We have a proven track record of successfully representing clients facing allegations of possession of drugs. If you have been arrested or charged with possession of drugs, Highgate Solicitors are serious when it comes to defending your position.  Please call us immediately for a FREE consultation where we can discuss your case and what we can do for you.

Production of drugs

For the past decade, Police forces across the UK have seen a huge surge in the number of cannabis factories.  In more recent times, we have also seen a number of ” Breaking Bad” type Crystal Meth labs popping up in many areas. The production of drugs spans a broad spectrum of seriousness from a person growing cannabis in their loft for medicinal use through to organised factories capable of producing huge value yields.  We are experts in analysing cannabis grows, crop yields, telephonic evidence linking persons to such grows and having evidence excluded which can result in the prosecution case collapsing.  We have dealt with some of the largest drug production cases seen by the Police and have secured our clients exceptional results through our thorough and robust defence techniques.

Supply/Importation of Drugs

As a firm based in a crucial part of the UK’s drug supply chain, on a  daily basis we deal with serious allegations of the supply of Class A and Class B drugs.  We have decades of experience in defending clients charged in large scale conspiracies.  We employ the services of some of the most renowned barristers in the UK, and have expert witnesses at hand to assist in challenging many aspects of conspiracy cases.

Whatever charges you face, we can help you.,  Whether it’s a case of trying to establish your innocence, or simply limiting the damage caused, we can skillfully guide you through the process.