Serious Violence

Offences involving violence range from a simple assault all the way through to murder.  We have decades of experience of dealing with all types of violent offences, including :

  • Public order offences ranging from affray through to violent disorder and riot
  • Assault by beating (also known as “Common Assault”)
  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm (often referred to as “s47 assault”)
  • Causing grievous bodily harm (often referred to as “s20 wounding”)
  • Causing grevious bodily harm with intent (often referred to as “s18 wounding”)
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

Need A Consultation?

These offences carry a wide range of penalties ranging from a fine all the way through to life imprisonment.  The stakes are high, and it is essential that you have a legal team who know how to effectively defend you and act in your best interests.  We have heavyweight experience of defending clients facing allegations of violence.  We offer a highly effective defence service, using some of the finest solicitors and barristers available.  We adopt a no stone left un-turned approach in defending you.  We have our client’s interests at the forefront of our minds and we work with clients as a unified team with a common goal: YOUR BEST INTERESTS.

Whatever type of offence you face, rest assured that we are on your side;  you are assured of a professional and dedicated defence of your case or advancement of your mitigation.  GET IN TOUCH NOW to discuss your case and to commence preparation of your defence.