General Crime

Whatever the offence is, you can rest assured that an experienced and passionate lawyer will be at the forefront of your case. Our passion and dedication to defending our clients shines through all our work.

Whatever charge or criminal investigation you face, be sure to speak to us. We offer an honest, no obligation consultation where we can discuss your case and needs.

English law has literally thousands of offences listed and it is beyond the scope of any website to list them all !

Highgate solicitors have a strong and respected general crime department where we deal with everything from young offenders to animal cruelty cases.

The principles we apply to general crime are the same as those we apply to serious crime. We give every client the time and expertise they deserve and ensure that you have the best possible representation. We are client focused and we know that even a seemingly trivial criminal charge can have life changing consequences for you. 

Need A Consultation?

 We are a small firm but one that can handle cases of all sizes and complexity.

Our client feedback is consistently outstanding and word of mouth referrals keep the good word going !

If you face any kind of criminal charge or investigation, please contact us immediately.

All our advice is given by EXPERIENCED solicitors only. Our advice is professional, on point and is backed up with a long and illustrious history and a 5* client rating.