We undertake both legally aided work and also work where we are instructed on a private fee basis.

For criminal legal aid, we provide a free assessment of your eligibility for legal aid at our initial consultation.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we are happy to provide you with a quotation as to our fees to deal with your matter – our fees are reasonable and competitive.

To qualify for legal aid in the Magistrates Courts, there is both a means and merit tests. We will discuss both aspects of this at our initial consultation to explain what they mean and discuss your eligibility for Legal Aid.

In Crown Court cases, Legal Aid is means tested. tested. This means that you are likely to be granted legal aid but, depending on your means, you may be required to pay a financial contribution towards your legal aid. Sometimes it can actually be more cost effective to instruct a solicitor on a private fee basis. We always advise our clients on which option is likely to be best for you. Our standard charge out rate is £200 + VAT an hour. This rate applies to meetings with you, preparation, travel, waiting and court advocacy.

*Motoring matters*

The vast majority of motoring cases do NOT qualify for legal aid. In these cases we will always provide a clear breakdown of our costs.

Every case is different and we will always provide a bespoke fee quotation at the start of any case.

As an indicative guide, our prices are as follows. Please note that there are many variables in any case and the prices below should always be confirmed by us before proceeding.

*Initial consultation and written advice* – £300 plus vat

This includes us considering your cases papers, having a detailed and bespoke consultation with you and advising on your scenario. We always advise on any available legal defences and also on the likely sentence upon conviction.

*Court appearances – Guilty plea* -From £500 – £1000 + VAT per hearing.

This includes the detailed consideration of your papers, a bespoke consultation and representation at court. Please note that where the hearing is out of West Yorkshire, there may be additional costs for travel time and mileage. Travel is charged at £150 + VAT per hour and mileage at £0.50 per mile.

*Written Guilty plea* – £300 plus vat.

In some cases it is appropriate and cost effective to deal with the case by letter. The above fee includes the consideration of your papers and a bespoke consultation, coupled with professional representations to the Court in writing.

*Trial* – Fee start from £1500 plus VAT

Where you wish to plead not guilty and pursue the matter to trial, we provide highly effective and professional legal representation. The fee will depend on the nature of the case against you and the complexity and length of it. We always provide a “fixed fee” quotation to ensure clarity and peace of mind.

*Exception hardship hearings* From £1500 plus VAT

Anyone who has reached or exceeded 12 penalty points, can only avoid a ban driving if “exceptional hardship is found”. We are experts in this field and have saved countless clients from a painful driving ban using out experience and expertise.

Please note that all these prices are for indication purposes only. We always provide a bespoke quote in all cases during our initial consultation.

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